About Us

David W. (Bitburg_Chef) 

David started organizing RPG games in the early 2000s but had to take a break until finding time again in 2015 and has been at it ever since. In 2022, in support of his fellow VaesenCentral GMs, he organized the first online VaesenCon; with collaboration and support from Free Leauge and other sponsors. Later in the year, Crystal, Ryan, and he organized the first Illusion Horror Con, which was immediately a huge success. Like many, he started with D&D but quickly found Call of Cthulhu, Kult, Vaesen, and other dark Horror RPG systems as his favorites. With his scientific and professional background, he established a reliable and expandable Discord Server infrastructure, GM/player submission system, and database, including a player lottery system, and maintains the IT site of online conventions.

Crystal W. (thelilscientist) 

Crystal is a lifelong tabletop board game enthusiast but didn’t start playing RPGs until 2016. After starting as a player for D&D and Call of Cthulhu games, she quickly realized that she wanted not just to be a part of the story but also to weave and craft the story.  Her journey through playing and game mastering various systems led to her realization that she is strongly inclined towards horror-themed games that are narrative-driven and role-play-heavy, like Kult: Divinity Lost. This also spurred a new-found love for writing horror stories. In 2022, she helped organize The Illusion Horror Con, an online convention to bring together horror fans like herself and her fellow organizers, David and Ryan. The Illusion Horror Con will be the first of hopefully many conventions Crystal has helped organize.

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