Vaesen is Free League’s game of folk horror investigation, where 19th-century Scandinavian investigators explore the conflicts between humanity and the Vaesen – supernatural creatures like werewolves, ghosts, and fairies.

You and your companions in the Society were born differently. You have the Sight - the ability to see what ordinary people cannot. You know that Vaesen have lived beside humanity for untold centuries in an uneasy peace. Not anymore. Rumors spread of kittens born with two heads, streams red from blood, groves lulling children into eternal sleep, fairies dancing through villages, luring the young into the woods to be forever enthralled. You and the other members of the Society must work to reestablish the balance between the two worlds: Vaesen and Humanity. 

Vol I : Feb 2023

Vol II : June 2023

Vol III : March 2024


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A New, Quarterly, Fan-Produced Zine to Enhance Your Gameplay in the World of the Vaesen Roleplaying Game

Thomas Bailey, Johnell Hipol, and David Wartmann have put together what we hope will be a great resource for fans and players of the Vaesen Nordic Horror Roleplaying game by Free League.

If you are interested in contributing to Vaezine, we can be contacted at | See you in May for the next issue.

The Friend, The Fiend & the Shadow of the Night

Several deaths have been reported on the streets of Upsala. The victims were found in alleyways or old buildings, pale as silver birch but with wide smiles on their faces. The migrant worker district seems to be hit the hardest, with 7 dead in a week. The mood starts to shift, and the workers call for aid and help, but the police are at their wit's end. If these murders continue, an uprise and potential riot could harm all Upsala, which relies heavily on these migrant workers.

The Strigoi -
A Creature For Vaesen

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

— Bram Stoker, Dracula

Throughout history, tales of evil spirits seeking revenge on the living have been passed down through generations. These vengeful spirits take many forms, from the Slavic Strigoi to the Norse Draugr, the Greek Vrykolakas, and the Balkan Dhampir. These creatures have captured people’s imaginations across cultures and inspired countless stories, songs, and legends. Unleash the Vengeful Spirits: Discover the Strigoi, an evil and restless family of Vaesen creatures, known for their shape-shifting abilities and thirst for blood. Explore their dark powers, from bloodthirsty embraces to ghastly possessions, in this supernatural RPG supplement. 

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A City in Turmoil

When several cases of satanic witchcraft strike in the society's neighborhood, the city and residents are quick to judge that the Society must have something to do with it. Since Castle Gyllencreutz opened its doors again, an Evil must have followed their tracks back into the city. While the neighborhood sinks into turmoil, it is up to the members to clear the name of the Society and find the actual cause of these vile happenings.

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Lady of Good Hope

The Society members set sail towards England to help a distant relative. Something strange is afoot in London, and without hesitation, they prepare their bags and embark on the Lady of Good Hope. With a sea voyage of about two days, the players look back to the port of Göteborg. In front of them, the North Sea lies calm and quiet. As dusk approaches, a strange feeling starts to spread over the ship. At night the wind stops, and the Lady comes to a halt. The sea is flat as a mirror, and leaning over the railing, a shadow seems to look up from beneath the surface. Suddenly there is a splash, and screams about a man overboard are heard...

The Call of the Wild

Several young men have drowned in a small timber town up north from Upsala over the last weeks in a nearby lake. All left their home as if in a trance; before being stopped, they ran off. Later in the day, the floating bodies where found in a small lake in the middle of the forest.


The Society is summoned to Denmark to the town of Velling in the heart of Jutland - Denmarks' dairy county. Farmers are struck by ill fate, strange accidents, and the inability to churn butter reliably. The fear that the town is hexed and cursed rises in many people's minds as only one family can still churn butter and produce the amount required by the local Lord, seemingly without any issue.

The Murder

In which the Society is confronted with a gruesome crime. A crime right at castle Gyllencreutz. One of their own was killed during the night, and the police are knocking at the front door. Something is truly amiss here; is one of you a murderer? Did someone or something else come to the castle? The knocks at the door get louder, and the police demand entry…

The Final Problem

Wherein the Society is finally confronting their rival Vaesen hunter society - the Rosenberger. As the members return from a leisureful afternoon on the ice-skating ring in the botanical garden, they arrive at Castle Gyllencreutz to make a gruesome discovery. Within minutes the wheels turn in motion, and a race against time begins - a race that not only could lead to the destruction of the Society but of great parts of the world itself. 

A Matter of Tradition

When a letter arrives at the Society pleading for help in a small logging camp up north, the investigators have only limited time to solve the mystery of missing children. Quickly they realize that different nations have quite gruesome and horrific Christmas tales. When believe and superstitions of various backgrounds start to mix, the worst fears come to life, and the otherwise peaceful Christmas time becomes quite dangerous.

Giveback for Old Cheese

After a pleasant hiking trip, the investigators are trapped in a remote hut in the mountains after an avalanche outside Uppsala. With them are a couple of locals who found refuge there as well. With nowhere to go and nothing to do but to get to know each other, something does not seem right. Some might reveal just a bit too much about themselves as they would like. Trapped, freezing, and pushed to their limits, the situation worsens when they realize something else is trapped inside them.