Actual Plays

Kult : Divinity Lost Actual Plays


By Crystal Wartmann 

It started as a gorgeous Spring day in the Golden Branch Estates, a newly built housing development in a suburb of DC, in 1958. Everyone is new to the neighborhood, trying to settle into their lovely new homes. The homemakers have just finished seeing off their husbands to work and their kids off to private school. Some other gals are meeting at Nadine’s for tea and gossip this week, like every week since move-in day. It’s just a little escape for the housewives from the day-to-day. The player characters are housewives sipping tea, nibbling on sweets, and leaving their troubles behind. That is until one of the gal’s faces goes pale, and their worst nightmare comes true.

The Murder
at Lakeview Village Estates

By David Wartmann

It's early in the morning, and police lights fill up the gated community of Lakeview Village Estates. 

4 characters in a room - are accused of murder - some might be true, and some are elaborate lies. When a body is discovered in the quiet suburban neighborhood, suspicion falls upon the shady player characters. Who was the last one to see them? Didn't they send over some meatloaf that day? What about the suspicious pit in the backyard just underneath the window next to the rose bush? Where were you around 10:17 pm?

The Summit

By Matthew Dawkins

Players are a group of reality television hopefuls shooting a pilot for their show Into The Depths, a docu-series exploring the country's derelict and often dangerous areas. This is their big break, and the first episode on Novaville will surely be a hit. The characters soon realize the truth about the abandoned and mysterious area; and what they are willing to do to survive.


By Matthew Sanderson

In Phoenix, Arizona, in the near future, a young woman just underwent an abortion procedure at an illegal clinic. The world is changing far too fast for her and her loved ones. Abortion has become illegal throughout much of the country.  The accelerating power of the far-right dominates the political arena. Activist groups on all sides of the political spectrum are desperately competing for recruits. Political rallies, mostly in favor of the fascist right, are common and growing in size. Global warming intensifies with temperatures rising year-on-year, and a dangerous heatwave grips the city.

Call of Cthulhu Actual Plays

Welcome to Little Creek

By David Wartmann

A small, remote town named Little Creek, in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts, became an area of interest to the federal census bureau. Their numbers indicate 321 inhabitants for the past 228 years in a row. Four bureau agents went missing under suspicious circumstances in previous census evaluations. Pure coincidence, or is there something else at work as the latest team of federal agents is about to take this year’s census...

The sovereign sacrifice

By Christopher Lofts

In late October 1893, England, the Spiritualist Movement thrives among the wealthy elite, captivating them with its mystical allure. Our diverse group of investigators, drawn together by their shared fascination with the supernatural, arrive from various corners of the world. As they settle into their accommodations at the Savoy Hotel, rumors of a near-fatal shipwreck involving the Duke and Duchess of England spread. Furthermore, an invitation from Sir Richard Bamford, an esteemed physician and member of the London Society of Psychical Research, awaits them, promising a transformative discussion on groundbreaking research prior to the International Alliance of Psychical Research Gala and Masquerade Ball in London.